Mary Rose

A Ghost Story by Alfred Hitchcock
Mary Rose
Starring: 'Tippi' Hedren, Fay Compton
Music by Bernard Herrmann
Production design by Robert Boyle
Matte paintings by Albert Whitlock
Based on the play by JM Barrie
Screenplay by Jay Presson Allen
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

JM Barrie: "To be born is to be wrecked on an island. . .The only ghosts, I believe, who creep into this world are dead young mothers returned to see how their children fare. . .What is saddest about ghosts is that they may not know their child."

Jay Presson Allen: "I like to write about children. And Hitch wanted to play."

Tippi Hedren: "Hitch gave me the play to read, Oh, I loved it. What's difficult was how do you show a woman as a ghost? How do you do that visually?"

Alfred Hitchcock: "If I were to make the film, I would put the girl in a dark-gray dress and I would put a neon tube of light inside, around the bottom of the dress, so that the light would only hit the heroine. Whenever she moved, there would be no shadow on the wall, only a blue light."

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